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for Schools

Optimo Systems is a complete solution that manages your co-curricular requirements from end-to-end.

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Optimo Features

With over 20 years technology experience in the education industry, Optimo Systems offers a complete co-curricular solution with an ever expanding range of trusted features.

  • Schedules and Attendance
  • Events, Camps, Outdoor Activities
  • Resources, Performance
  • Inventory
  • Payments, Expenses and Budgets
  • Track loans and repairs

Streamline processes by sending Lessons, Activity Schedules and use the Optimo bulk emails to communicate with students, parents and staff within your Optimo Account.

  • Build flexible reports
  • Financials
  • Performance and Milestones
  • Partner Management
  • Enterprise Level Security
  • API Integration

Built with schools for schools

Optimo Systems has been tailor made for School and College management. 
Each module has been built to meet the specific needs of each co-curricular department. 
Making sure you experience the most fit-for-purpose application for you and your students.

Optimo Music

An End-to-end School Music department management module offering:

  • Track and Manage Instruments
  • Manage Student Attendance & Performance
  • Monitor receivables
  • Centralised Communications to students and parents
  • Music Resource Library
  • Create and distribute timetables
  • Custom Reports

Optimo Sport

An End-to-end School Sports management module offering:

  • Manage Teams and Staff
  • Track and Manage Equipment inventory
  • Manage excursions and events
  • Student Attendance Tracking
  • Centralised Communications to students and parents
  • Monitor Receivables
  • Equipment Maintenance / Repair

Optimo Cadets

An End-to-end Cadets management module offering:

  • Manage Recruits
  • Track and Manage Equipment repairs
  • Manage promotions, AFX Courses & bus lists…
  • Centralised Communications to students and parents
  • Monitor Receivables
  • Equipment Maintenance / Repair

What our customers say

“Having witnessed the unlimited possibilities of this organizational gem, it would seem everyone would want to embrace the value of this time-saving administrator.  It affords every director the chance to avoid those frustrating experiences of anxious searching, only to come up shorthanded in the end.  Now, all information is literally at our fingertips.  BRAVO!”

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Renowned Music Educator and Author, USA

Optimo Systems is Fit-for-Purpose and the Best-in-Class Co-Curricular Solution.

Where else can you manage your entire school’s co-curricular activities in one place?